Riverside Cricket Club Annual Report 2019/20


Thanks to everyone that tuned in for an historic 75th Annual General Meeting of the Riverside Cricket Club on Wednesday night via Zoom – confirmed to be the first held over the internet rather than in person!


The senior committee for season 2020/21 was voted in and is as follows:


President – Shane Doyle
Senior Vice President – David Hyland
Junior Vice President – John Miles
Treasurer - Martyn Anderson
Secretary – Brett Money
General Committee -
Matt McMaster-Smith
David Hoobin
Paul Sinclair
Nathan Hoobin
Steve Bowler
Matthew Newell
Kym Ellks
Brett Lewis
Aidan Amenta
Wissam Ali
Luke Morgan
Scott Gibbs
Dempsey Mills


Congratulations to Shane Doyle who steps into the President’s chair. Well done also to John Miles who has taken over as Junior Vice President. Martyn Anderson goes into his 23rd year as treasurer with David Hyland into his 35th year on the committee (our records from that long ago were written with a quill). Well done to you all.


Thank you to our committee who put in a lot of hard work to keep our club moving forward. Everyone involved puts in a tremendous amount of effort which often goes unnoticed.

Special mention to Tim Money who has stepped down as President after four seasons in the role and Chris Salm who has stepped down as Senior Vice President after three years. Thanks to both for their efforts over the past few seasons. We welcome two general committee members to the fold alongside Shane, in Scott Gibbs and Dempsey Mills.


Thanks to Steve Gleeson for again organising the Annual Reports as he does every year. It is no small task assembling reports from right across the club, but Steve does a fantastic job each year.

We are looking forward to a big 2020/21 season and look forward to everyone’s ongoing support of our club, especially in these uncertain times.



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